‘currency’ is listed under the very central and very first entry in roget’s thesaurus: existence.

currency is an energy flow manifesting in what we know to be money, water, electrical charge…

we are electromagnetic entities and electromagnetism is one of the four forces that make up the fabric of reality in the universe as we know it.

our minds are electromagnetic generators. our thoughts are absolutely tangible, they exist in the quantum field. bell’s theorem postulates that two particles can affect each other across vast distances of ‘space’ and ‘time’ instantaneously. ie faster than the speed of light.

according to quantum physicist john wheeler, this can only be possible if the fabric of the universe is information itself… and that all things manifest from this matrix of information. IT comes from BIT. in another terminology, the fabric of reality, as the buddhists and other ancient traditions have come to know, is consciousness itself.

if so, our thoughts from our electromagnetic minds travel faster than the speed of light through this ‘mind of god’, if you will.

if you can trust in this you will come to learn that providence is your co-creation with the universe, and the riches that comes from your own manifesting powers will be supreme, not necessarily by being opulent in nature but by being perfectly aligned with you and your path.

I would recommend that as part of this experimental year, make a list of goals, make little pictures on a vision board of exactly what you want. use the language of PRESENCE – ‘I am’, ‘I do’…. ‘I will’ belongs in the future and you may never catch up with it: keep it present and affirmative. and read your list and see your goals and feel your enjoyment of successfully playing with the universe. empower your vision board like a shrine – fairy lights, patron saints, sacred geometry, whatever connects you to the cosmic!

presence is very important. if you are arrested by the contracting forces of fear of non-existent future, you may lack the presence to see an opportunity to make your dreams happen. presence is simple, it is the breath of life and the wonder of the life force that we respond to in children and animals and plants and all of the cosmos.

I’ve used these techniques since I was 14 and continue to pass into to the thresholds of my aspirations.

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