the visualisation process

for me the entities are aspects of my self that my conscious mind has not been able to clearly identify before because they have evolved with/in me throughout the passage of my experience and have been indistinguishable from what I identify as myself.

until a higher purpose is revealed, some of these aspects seem unpleasant because they have been trapped deep in the wounds of my ego. when the wounds are addressed the entity is free to return to its source of higher being, or in this case by identifying the higher purpose the entity is liberated and the wound can heal… as if in the fabric of universal consciousness we each manifest as a complex of knots that – if we have the eyes to see them – can be unravelled so that we can re-member divine consciousness.

from this perspective of meta-programming, I trust my imagination will render these consciousness-knots into a symbolic visual language that I can understand. this is very much my way, as a highly visual person, an artist/animator by profession. I make sense of things visually, spatially. it is knitted together with conceptual-linguistic thinking but I don’t necessarily see entities with talking mouths and hear a voice with words clearly pronounced. it’s not so much like a retinal visuality as much as the way you might visualise/remember laying next to someone you love. you remember what it looked like, but you remember it with your whole body. for me visualisation reveals the infinite permutations of relationship in this way – when I put two objects together I get a bodily reaction to how they relate spatially. I think this is probably what feng shui is (and why I am able to make awesome living spaces but can be a bit spatially sensitive to live with!) but I also get a conceptual-linguistic reaction to the symbolic dialogue that is intrinsic to this relationship.

visualising the entities is much the same, but I’m looking at the shape of a knot in myself. when I seperate it from myself I can get a sense of how I have been relating to it… how it makes me feel, the empty space it used to occupy inside me, what its colours tell me, what its dynamic tells me, what it’s symbolism tells me…

the in-sights that I get are not so much from clear aural dialogues but moreso they ‘occur’ to me in the process of the experience.

how do you learn? which of your modes of perception hooks into the visual? if your strongest learning sense is kinaesthetic, for example, maybe you could learn about your entities by giving them a physical posture or movement which can translate visually…


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  1. jo Says:

    HEy anne-maree
    wonderful to hear from you on such a momentous day….i too am sorry :)
    ps how was your view of the eclipse??

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