elements of the mahabharata


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  1. Nigel Says:

    A beautiful rendition of the human emotions played out in the great cosmic play. I have watched the entire Mahabharata production by the Indian Gramaphone Company but cant find much more on the web. It was close to 64 hours! Thanks for the family tree of the families. I resonated with Bishma and his woeful oath. Honour drove him to his oath (beesh ma) which became his name. But the honour became Bishma’s constraint to take sides in the battle for truth. He displayed honour in protecting Hastinapur from itself but for such a powerful warrior to be constrained was the price of the oath. It was appropriate that he was blessed on his pire of arrows by the hero of our story, Krisha, who would even bend the truth and move the sun to ensure the ultimate victory of truth against the treachery of the shadow side, unsuccessful in its attempts to corrupt the society. Drishistra although a tragic figure became a great teacher of the ultimate truth that filial love cannot block the path to a harmonious society. The Pandava brothers were learning from the sage teachers and Krishna but even then they were challenged by the truth. The Pandavas and Krishna sought to avoid war and the Pandavas had done their penance. Duryodhan and his treachorous uncle Shankuni (queens brother) did not wish well upon the brothers and sought through treachery (house of wax) and the trickery of loaded dice to reclaim the throne for Duryodhan. Drishistra tried to be a good king but was blinded by ambition for his son and not knowing the full extent of the ceaseless trickery of Shakuni who grooming a warrior not just a king. Bhisma and Vidur provided strength and guidance but this was frustrated by their loyalty and the ignorance of the king.

    The elements you have arranged illustrate the birth, death and re-emergence of societies that have been purged and cleansed by going through the cycles of these truths.

    thank goodness Krishna is on our side!

  2. sacha Says:

    Has reading this epic been what’s keeping you from your blog? It’s so long and involved. For those with attention-span deficit, like me.

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