magic deity

what would you like to ask magic deity? 

5 Responses to 'magic deity'

  1. Nigel Says:

    I would like please a new landcruiser magic deity, since you are all powerful you may as well make it a diesel turbo 4 litre….hmm..while im here also a bit of spondoola to fill the big tank…you will be placed on the dashboard in reverence for your gift…thankyou…may you live long.

  2. di Says:

    dear magic deity, I can never figure out what I want, though what I need is far easier to come by. I have love from so many sources, this is a need. I have shelter, well two of those right now. I have food to eat and water to drink. Can we have clean, clear water? Healthy children and grandchildren who know they are loved and have their needs met. Can I feel that touch of love from someone special who can understand ME? please? I thank you for that response.

  3. J Says:

    Magic thingy, I need to need no more. Can I please have an insatiable desire for no thing, so that I will be forever wanting what I can always have.


  4. Leek Planter Extraordinaire Says:

    Dear Ms Dagic Meity,

    Please may everyone on this planet come to each other with love, understanding and tolerance. May judgement, distrust and pride be forever banished.

    And on a less selfless note …

    Could you bring me two more healthy babies please ? – although ideally not at the same time.

    And a never-ending packet of Tim Tams, please. just like on the ad.

    And maybe one day it would be really nice to have a song dedicated to me on Richard Mercer’s Love Songs & Dedications FM 106.5. Anything by Lionel Ritchie, Celine Dion or Savage Garden will suffice.


    Leek Planter Extraordinaire (and your old buddy)

  5. Kylie from Koorlong Says:

    Dear Magic Diety
    Please rid all children of A.D.H.D, O.C.D,O.D.D, D.A.M.P, and finally D.A.D.S (Dumb as dog shit) As it would make my life as an educator and as a parent much calmer. Also as I am on strike today please support us in our rebellion of government and bless us with improved workplace conditions equal pay to our other colleagues in other states and smaller classes. Except at Koorlong where there are only 8-10 in a grade. Bigger classes there would be lovely or they will close.
    Finally on a more personal note please protect our pets as we have lost too many over the past 2 years through speeding trucks and svage wandering dogs. As for The stray (Pepsi Cola)who I recently paid $140 to be desexed to find that she was already desexed I ask for her forgiveness No 50 year old being should be subject to two hysterectomies!

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