ajna monkey

Ajna Monkey – The Ajna is the “Third Eye”, the chakra located above the bridge of the nose, between the eyes.

“The beginner must first practise breathing regularly through the nose, at the same time trying hard to believe that the breath goes to the Ajna and not to the lungs… Walk slowly in a quiet place; realise that the legs are moving, and study their movements. Understand thoroughly that these movements are due to nerve messages sent down from the brain, and that the controlling power lies in the Ajna. The legs are automatic, like those of a wooden monkey: the power in Ajna is that which does the work, is that which walks. This is not hard to realise, and should be grasped firmly, ignoring all other walking sensations. Apply this method to every other muscular movement…. Try to transfer all bodily sensations to the Ajna, e.g., “I am cold” should mean “I feel cold”, or better still, “I am aware of a sensation of cold” — transfer this to the Ajna, “the Ajna is aware”, etc…. ” Finally, strive hard to drive anger and other obsessing thoughts into the Ajna. Try to develop a tendency to think hard of Ajna when these thoughts attack the mind, and let Ajna conquer them. Beware of thinking of ‘My Ajna’. In these meditations and practices, Ajna does not belong to you; Ajna is the master and worker, you are the wooden monkey.” (Aleister Crowley, Magick in Theory and Practice, London, 1929)

I have just returned from my ajna monkey evening walk with lambs, puppy and goat kid. as you can imagine this evening ritual of strolling, walking or running along the creek with a menagerie of young innocents is in itself enough to hold one’s presence. however I did very much enjoy this method. the main aspects that I noticed were:

1) physiology: my centre seemed to be in my third eye, which was a very lightening experience in the body. I felt tall, thin, light, upright, like a helium balloon. an easiness came over the body, posture was self correcting. movement felt light and easy. where I have a tendency to feel heavy in the shoulders I felt light and airy and relaxed.

2) sensory: internally I felt very clear and empty and perception of the external was heightened. I could hear various birds, wind in the trees and my footsteps. colours of the sunset were extremely vivid, bright and deeply spatial. my tactile experience was very calm amidst all of this as the atmospheric temperature was slightly warmer than body temperature. while I wasn’t inclined to eat or drink, my pallete could detect the various foods and drinks I had consumed in the course of the day.

3. brain circuits: circuits 1-4 were irrelevant, the experience resonated with the higher circuits: high and floaty (4), aware of brain change and autonomy (6), deep sense of interconnectedness (7), a sense of immeasurable space, time, embodiment (8).

4) meta programs: polarities of perception seemed simultaneously apprehendible ie big/small picture, long/short term, past/present/future, similarity/difference.

5) meta magick energy flow: the feeling began in the third eye and travelled on a vertical axis. my mind was clear of psychological noise. the experience was light in every sense of the word.

other observations: we were apporached by two horses which I have never seen before. my puppy was on guard and ready to agitate them but I was able to communicate easily and gently with a couple of words (although he hasn’t learnt much english) that it was not necessary and he responded immediately. when the sun was going down I stood still for a while to observe the intensly vivid sky and the puppy was unusually calm enough to lie down. the other animals wandered off to feed and I allowed ajna to direct my body to gently sway which gently released tension I had been holding in my neck and shoulders. interestingly the lambs seemed to tune into this subtle energy release and returned. (the lambs in particular, as I have observed through various altered states as well as through daily life perceive not via a psychological circuit but via energy fields. I like to play a game with them where I turn into a rock while they’re not looking and they can no longer see me in their field of view. they run around looking for me, sometimes nearly trampling me, so their responses to these excercises are very interesting. dogs and goats, however, are deeply psychological creatures which is why they are so attracted to each other and tuned into us).

I certainly feel like I could hold a space of ajna monkey lightness for days on end!

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