sound forms

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. ~John 1:1, KJV

Nada Brahma, the world is Sound! ~Ancient Hindu scriptures

cymatics, the phenomenon of vibrational wave patterns, manifests in many mediums: I’ve seen it on the surface of my coffee as I’m driving and also in my experiments with salt and other powdered substances on the surface of latex stretched over a speaker. swiss scientist Hans Jenny extensively explored this field of study by transmitting electronic frequencies through physical matter. he observed how low frequency sound vibrations produce simple circular formations and high frequency sound vibrations produced more complex geometric formations.

crop circles seem to operate on the same principles – they have not only manifested in the same cymatic sacred geometry formations but over the course of history have started as low frequency sound vibrations (simple circles in the middle ages) to increasingly complex formations every season.

the ascension in frequency that is channeling through earth and generating crop circle formations certainly seems to accelerating in parallel with the quickening of information. is this frequency the ascending vibration of earth’s mass consciousness itself? I can’t wait to see the 2012 season of crop circles!

these images come from Freddy Silva’s site, where you’ll find some brilliant writing on cymatics and crop circles.

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