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magical entourage

January 28th, 2008 January 28th, 2008
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ajna monkey

January 27th, 2008 January 27th, 2008
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Ajna Monkey – The Ajna is the “Third Eye”, the chakra located above the bridge of the nose, between the eyes.

“The beginner must first practise breathing regularly through the nose, at the same time trying hard to believe that the breath goes to the Ajna and not to the lungs… Walk slowly in a quiet place; realise that the legs are moving, and study their movements. Understand thoroughly that these movements are due to nerve messages sent down from the brain, and that the controlling power lies in the Ajna. The legs are automatic, like those of a wooden monkey: the power in Ajna is that which does the work, is that which walks. This is not hard to realise, and should be grasped firmly, ignoring all other walking sensations. Apply this method to every other muscular movement…. Try to transfer all bodily sensations to the Ajna, e.g., “I am cold” should mean “I feel cold”, or better still, “I am aware of a sensation of cold” — transfer this to the Ajna, “the Ajna is aware”, etc…. ” Finally, strive hard to drive anger and other obsessing thoughts into the Ajna. Try to develop a tendency to think hard of Ajna when these thoughts attack the mind, and let Ajna conquer them. Beware of thinking of ‘My Ajna’. In these meditations and practices, Ajna does not belong to you; Ajna is the master and worker, you are the wooden monkey.” (Aleister Crowley, Magick in Theory and Practice, London, 1929)

I have just returned from my ajna monkey evening walk with lambs, puppy and goat kid. as you can imagine this evening ritual of strolling, walking or running along the creek with a menagerie of young innocents is in itself enough to hold one’s presence. however I did very much enjoy this method. the main aspects that I noticed were:

1) physiology: my centre seemed to be in my third eye, which was a very lightening experience in the body. I felt tall, thin, light, upright, like a helium balloon. an easiness came over the body, posture was self correcting. movement felt light and easy. where I have a tendency to feel heavy in the shoulders I felt light and airy and relaxed.

2) sensory: internally I felt very clear and empty and perception of the external was heightened. I could hear various birds, wind in the trees and my footsteps. colours of the sunset were extremely vivid, bright and deeply spatial. my tactile experience was very calm amidst all of this as the atmospheric temperature was slightly warmer than body temperature. while I wasn’t inclined to eat or drink, my pallete could detect the various foods and drinks I had consumed in the course of the day.

3. brain circuits: circuits 1-4 were irrelevant, the experience resonated with the higher circuits: high and floaty (4), aware of brain change and autonomy (6), deep sense of interconnectedness (7), a sense of immeasurable space, time, embodiment (8).

4) meta programs: polarities of perception seemed simultaneously apprehendible ie big/small picture, long/short term, past/present/future, similarity/difference.

5) meta magick energy flow: the feeling began in the third eye and travelled on a vertical axis. my mind was clear of psychological noise. the experience was light in every sense of the word.

other observations: we were apporached by two horses which I have never seen before. my puppy was on guard and ready to agitate them but I was able to communicate easily and gently with a couple of words (although he hasn’t learnt much english) that it was not necessary and he responded immediately. when the sun was going down I stood still for a while to observe the intensly vivid sky and the puppy was unusually calm enough to lie down. the other animals wandered off to feed and I allowed ajna to direct my body to gently sway which gently released tension I had been holding in my neck and shoulders. interestingly the lambs seemed to tune into this subtle energy release and returned. (the lambs in particular, as I have observed through various altered states as well as through daily life perceive not via a psychological circuit but via energy fields. I like to play a game with them where I turn into a rock while they’re not looking and they can no longer see me in their field of view. they run around looking for me, sometimes nearly trampling me, so their responses to these excercises are very interesting. dogs and goats, however, are deeply psychological creatures which is why they are so attracted to each other and tuned into us).

I certainly feel like I could hold a space of ajna monkey lightness for days on end!

art of the fugue

January 27th, 2008 January 27th, 2008
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everyday I try to play the first prelude of JS Bach’s well tempered clavier and everyday I realise something new – about sound, or about the score, or about the geometry, the nature of music, scale… or about my own cognitive processes. the experience of learning to play a piano via this piece of music is subtly synaesthetic and for the most part beyond realms of my current vocabulary. sometimes I experience it through the visceral action of the fingers, sometimes through the geometry of the scale, sometimes the phrases I have in the mnemonic model in my mind, sometimes through the codes of the labelled notes, sometimes through the colours of groups of notes, and sometimes I completely forget how to play it. the complex neuro-physical experience of learning itself adds a whole other dimension to the fugue.

fugue visions:

artists, from left to right:
top: the art and science collaboration the fugue project, escher, frantisek kupka, vasily kandinsky
middle: frantisek kupka, paul klee, julie gross
bottom: louise bourgious, terry seaman, victor vasarely

sound forms

January 26th, 2008 January 26th, 2008
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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. ~John 1:1, KJV

Nada Brahma, the world is Sound! ~Ancient Hindu scriptures

cymatics, the phenomenon of vibrational wave patterns, manifests in many mediums: I’ve seen it on the surface of my coffee as I’m driving and also in my experiments with salt and other powdered substances on the surface of latex stretched over a speaker. swiss scientist Hans Jenny extensively explored this field of study by transmitting electronic frequencies through physical matter. he observed how low frequency sound vibrations produce simple circular formations and high frequency sound vibrations produced more complex geometric formations.

crop circles seem to operate on the same principles – they have not only manifested in the same cymatic sacred geometry formations but over the course of history have started as low frequency sound vibrations (simple circles in the middle ages) to increasingly complex formations every season.

the ascension in frequency that is channeling through earth and generating crop circle formations certainly seems to accelerating in parallel with the quickening of information. is this frequency the ascending vibration of earth’s mass consciousness itself? I can’t wait to see the 2012 season of crop circles!

these images come from Freddy Silva’s site, where you’ll find some brilliant writing on cymatics and crop circles.


January 24th, 2008 January 24th, 2008
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January 24th, 2008 January 24th, 2008
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‘currency’ is listed under the very central and very first entry in roget’s thesaurus: existence.

currency is an energy flow manifesting in what we know to be money, water, electrical charge…

we are electromagnetic entities and electromagnetism is one of the four forces that make up the fabric of reality in the universe as we know it.

our minds are electromagnetic generators. our thoughts are absolutely tangible, they exist in the quantum field. bell’s theorem postulates that two particles can affect each other across vast distances of ‘space’ and ‘time’ instantaneously. ie faster than the speed of light.

according to quantum physicist john wheeler, this can only be possible if the fabric of the universe is information itself… and that all things manifest from this matrix of information. IT comes from BIT. in another terminology, the fabric of reality, as the buddhists and other ancient traditions have come to know, is consciousness itself.

if so, our thoughts from our electromagnetic minds travel faster than the speed of light through this ‘mind of god’, if you will.

if you can trust in this you will come to learn that providence is your co-creation with the universe, and the riches that comes from your own manifesting powers will be supreme, not necessarily by being opulent in nature but by being perfectly aligned with you and your path.

I would recommend that as part of this experimental year, make a list of goals, make little pictures on a vision board of exactly what you want. use the language of PRESENCE – ‘I am’, ‘I do’…. ‘I will’ belongs in the future and you may never catch up with it: keep it present and affirmative. and read your list and see your goals and feel your enjoyment of successfully playing with the universe. empower your vision board like a shrine – fairy lights, patron saints, sacred geometry, whatever connects you to the cosmic!

presence is very important. if you are arrested by the contracting forces of fear of non-existent future, you may lack the presence to see an opportunity to make your dreams happen. presence is simple, it is the breath of life and the wonder of the life force that we respond to in children and animals and plants and all of the cosmos.

I’ve used these techniques since I was 14 and continue to pass into to the thresholds of my aspirations.

the visualisation process

January 24th, 2008 January 24th, 2008
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for me the entities are aspects of my self that my conscious mind has not been able to clearly identify before because they have evolved with/in me throughout the passage of my experience and have been indistinguishable from what I identify as myself.

until a higher purpose is revealed, some of these aspects seem unpleasant because they have been trapped deep in the wounds of my ego. when the wounds are addressed the entity is free to return to its source of higher being, or in this case by identifying the higher purpose the entity is liberated and the wound can heal… as if in the fabric of universal consciousness we each manifest as a complex of knots that – if we have the eyes to see them – can be unravelled so that we can re-member divine consciousness.

from this perspective of meta-programming, I trust my imagination will render these consciousness-knots into a symbolic visual language that I can understand. this is very much my way, as a highly visual person, an artist/animator by profession. I make sense of things visually, spatially. it is knitted together with conceptual-linguistic thinking but I don’t necessarily see entities with talking mouths and hear a voice with words clearly pronounced. it’s not so much like a retinal visuality as much as the way you might visualise/remember laying next to someone you love. you remember what it looked like, but you remember it with your whole body. for me visualisation reveals the infinite permutations of relationship in this way – when I put two objects together I get a bodily reaction to how they relate spatially. I think this is probably what feng shui is (and why I am able to make awesome living spaces but can be a bit spatially sensitive to live with!) but I also get a conceptual-linguistic reaction to the symbolic dialogue that is intrinsic to this relationship.

visualising the entities is much the same, but I’m looking at the shape of a knot in myself. when I seperate it from myself I can get a sense of how I have been relating to it… how it makes me feel, the empty space it used to occupy inside me, what its colours tell me, what its dynamic tells me, what it’s symbolism tells me…

the in-sights that I get are not so much from clear aural dialogues but moreso they ‘occur’ to me in the process of the experience.

how do you learn? which of your modes of perception hooks into the visual? if your strongest learning sense is kinaesthetic, for example, maybe you could learn about your entities by giving them a physical posture or movement which can translate visually…


jewels from lama yeshe

January 24th, 2008 January 24th, 2008
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unfortunately Jon Landaw’s course in Buddhist Tantra hosted by the Maybe Logic Academy was cancelled but I have been enjoying the text by Lama Yeshe, the Transformation of Desire into Tantra. my personal experiences Philip Farber’s Altered States course have an interesting and valuable resonance with Lama Yeshe’s generously concise descriptions of Guru Yoga – the practice of attuning to one’s inner guiding guru and embodying a deity through the crown channel into the heart and remaining present through it, with it, in it, in the unity… the creation trinity pops up again, the manifest power of the 3:

“Seeing the underlying unity of our guru, the deity and ourselves is not something we do only during formal meditation practise. We need to practise guru yoga – identifying ourselves with the guru’s essential buddha nature- during every moment of our life. Instead of always thinking about our miserable, dissatified mind, we should cultivate the recognition of our fundamental unity with the absolute guru residing within. Even if our most egotistical mind is arising, instead of adding fuel to it by identifying strongly with this deluded state, we should try to recognise that very mind as the enlightened totality of the guru-buddha nature… then suddenly the deluded mental energy can be utilised and transformed in such a way that it is digested into great wisdom. This is the outstanding teaching of tantra. When you develop yourself fully so that your entire inner potential is realised, then you yourself become a deity, you yourself become a buddha. This is the ultimate aim of guru yoga.”

it seems to me that the tibetans have delivered their ancient wisdom through profound paradox: their lineage is like a magnificent flower that has been carefully cultivated far away from the eyes of the world and it has finally gone to seed. the flower dies but the seeds have travel far and wide. the fact that their teachings cannot inspire a consumer-pilgrimage of spiritual tourism is no accident. impermanence is part of the teaching. after centuries of seclusion, the timing of the tibetan seeding comes in the midst of the quickening of mass consciousness, in a zeitgiest of self-empowerment.

it no longer seems precocious to me to authenticate my own pantheon of helpful deities to guide me on the path of Great Being.

those of you who have expressed doubts about the integrity of your visualisation process may find encouragement in the words of Lama Yeshe:

“A major difficulty facing us is that we naturally have a much easier time accepting the reality of our gross sensory experiences than we do believing in the reality of our visualisations. It is common to feel, ‘although I can see myself as made of light, this is just a game that I am playing with my mind, it is not real. But my physical body is real; I can actually touch it and see it in the mirror’. What we have to learn is that the experiences we have through our imagination and those we have through our senses are exactly the same! Both exist only for the particular mind experiencing them; they have no ultimate reality from their own side. A major difference, is that our ordinary senses keep us bound to the circle of continually recurring dissatisfaction and suffering while our visualisations of conscious bodies of light, and practises such as the absorbtion of the guru, introduce us to the very subtle, fundamental level of our being. With this very subtle mind of clear light we can break out of the prison of our ordinary gross conceptions and experience the unceasing happiness of full enlightenment.

If you have not tasted the bliss of your fundamental mind, and have not seen for yourself how you can achieve a state of penetrative awareness and openness far surpassing what you now feel is possible, naturally you will be very skeptical. You probably think that the pleasure you feel, say, when you eat an icecream is real, and whatever bliss you might experience during a meditation is just an illusion. The only way of overcoming such skepticism is by becoming more and more familiar with your own inner reality until eventually it is undenieable. And it is by practising guru yoga, and the other transformative methods that follow from it, that familiarity with the deeply blissful character of your own mind is achieved.”